My name is Derek Beins, I’m officially now a 30-something living in Seattle WA. “The Game Collection” is an RPG review series on YouTube. It’s a one-man-show for the most part, barring special episodes featuring collaboration from my friends and occasionally my wife Amy.

I review RPGs almost exclusively for several reasons. It gets me through my backlog and forces me to stop re-playing my old favorites over and over. It also scratches that itch of mine to express myself creatively, while harnessing the power of computers and the “information super-highway!” And lastly, I love RPGs, they’re a special genre, and I’m tired for the apologetic manor that mainstream game reviewers handle them. You will never hear me apologize for my love of RPGs, and when I review games, I will speak to RPG fans.

I think that RPGs are also unique in that they are so heavily dependent upon a good story. You can’t properly review a book based on just a handful of pages at the beginning, and I feel the same is true of RPGs. That’s why I never begin reviewing a game until I’ve beaten it at least once.