One Million Views, & Looking Forward

One Million Views

It’s been a little while since my last blog post. Most of what I want to say fits into a tweet or a review video lately. I just hit my “One Million Views” milestone, which has me reminiscing. I’ve been looking toward the future of the show, and ways to improve things.

One Million Views
The fruit of over 3 years of playing and reviewing

In The Beginning

When I first started my channel a few years back, it was during a time when I was just getting back into collecting seriously. I was originally going to make the show about the concept of building up a collection of games; The idea of the show being centered around RPGs hadn’t even crossed my mind. In fact, some of my initial videos weren’t even tangentially related to RPGs. Just look at my review of Shenmue, my Sega Retrospective, and my terrible overviews of some fight-sticks for proof. (This is also one of the reasons I started including prices and such in my videos too.)

It just so happened that over time, I only wanted to review any RPGs. I didn’t make the conscious decision, it just kind of happened. So what I’ve got all these years later is a, (let’s face it,) pretty generic show name that isn’t catchy or descriptive at all of what I’ve actually been doing this whole time, and a couple of catch-phrases. I suspect this might be hampering me a bit on my quest to save the world from halfhearted, uninformed, context-free corporate reviews of RPGs.

Things to Come

I’m torn though. Re-branding the show might cause it to feel a little disjointed. I’d hate to lose the remaining uniformity I’ve managed to maintain over the course of the show. I figure if I’m going to do this, it’s gotta happen in a big way, which equates to a lot of time. I’d like to really go all out with a new intro, animations, avatar and logos; A complete overhaul in production quality. But to take everything to the next level, I’m going to need to work on improving my overall production. Cameras, lighting, microphones, computer upgrades and maybe even redundant storage! But all of this takes time and money that I don’t yet have, so for now I just tinker around t he edges.

I’ve got really big dreams for what “The Game Collection” can be. I hope that some day I can bring my vision to fruition. The future is looking pretty bright though, thanks to your support. Everyone who’s shared a video to spread the word, or clicked the like button, you guys rock! And to each of my patrons, and those who have donated to the show, you guys bring me closer to that vision one month at a time.

Here’s to the next million views.