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Normally, I write reviews and scripts for myself, so starting with anything but “Welcome back to the Game Collection” feels a little weird. In it’s current form I’m pretty proud of the site I’ve built up over the last few weeks, and am particularly proud of a couple features I’ve implemented in the site.


If this is your first time here please allow me to direct your attention to the Game Voting page in the “community” tab. Here you can submit titles and descriptions of games you would like me to review. By adding your suggestion here you can be sure I’ll never forget to review the game… eventually. Also, vote games up or down to help me prioritize which games I need to seek out and review for you. I won’t review every single game at the top of the list each time though; I’ve gotta pace myself you know!

A simple, but important feature is the episode Status. The main page has a status indicator that lets you know how close I am to releasing the next review. It’s a simple and straightforward idea I stole from Team Four Star.

While you wait on new reviews check out the contributors section. I’ve painstakingly (See: Nepotism) assembled a cast of talented reviewers who also have a soft-spot for RPGs. Thanks to their help this site can truly be your home for RPG reviews.

The Future

I’m a pie-in-the-sky kind of guy. I have big hopes and dreams for So much in fact I’ve paid up a 3-year lease on the place, so we better put it to use! Eventually I want to have some real community-driven content featured on the site. Guest reviewers, articles, and timely features.

I’m proud to say that there are also no traditional ads on the site, and it will stay that way. There are currently some amazon affiliate links on some of my own reviews, but they’re honestly a huge pain in the butt to set up, so they won’t ever be very pervasive.

I will also continue to work on the site to bring the features you deserve. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments and feedback everywhere you can. I’ll see you around!