Daria Reviews Treasure Hunter G [SNES] | An SNES SRPG? From SQUARE?!

Treasure Hunter G [SNES] was developed by STING (Yggdra Union) and published by Square on the Super Famicom exclusively in Japan. Having been released in 1996, Treasure Hunter G was released in direct competition to early Playstation and Saturn games. In order to compete graphically to these more advanced systems STING used computer modeled sprites much like those in Super Mario RPG and Donkey Kong Country.

Gameplay: Treasure Hunter G is an SRPG. Battles are turn based on a battle grid. Characters fight enemies using weapons, elemental magic, and battle items. Outside of battle sequences, the player explored dungeons and towns similar to the traditional Final Fantasy or DragonQuest style.

Story: Brothers Red and Blue G (who strangely enough wear blue and green) set off on a mission to locate their estranged treasure hunter father, Brown G. Along the way they join forces with a mysterious girl, Rain, and her violin-playing monkey, Pongo. They uncover a plot by the evil Darklord to imprison the world’s guardian fairies and awaken an ancient evil. Together the heroes set out to find the relics needed to fight this evil and save the world.


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