Daria Reviews Dragon View [SNES] – The BEST Beat-Em-Up RPG You’ve NEVER Played (Unless You Have)

Drakkhen 2: Dragon View (otherwise known as Super Drakkhen in Japan) was released for the Super Nintendo in 1994. DragonView was developed exclusively for the SNES by Infogrames and published by Kemco.

Gameplay: Dragon View is a hybrid RPG – part action rpg, part beat em up, and a bit of a zelda clone. Players will traverse a fully 3D overworld (rendered in mode 7) and explore 2D side-view towns and dungeons. In combat the player controls Alex, who can swing his sword, cast magic, jump, shoot arrows, and throw bombs. Just a like a beat em up the player can move from the background to the foreground and take on up to 4 enemies at a time.


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