Daria Reviews Gunman’s Proof [SNES] – Zelda Clone with MACHINE GUNS?! – Super Nintendo Review

Developed by Lenar and published only in Japan in January of 1997, Ganpuru: Gunman’s Proof is a wacky Wild West themed action-adventure game. While looking visually similar to Nintendo’s A Link to the Past, Gunmans Proof is more a hectic action oriented top down shooter than a Zelda clone. Fans of Zombies Ate My Neighbors would appreciate both the chaotic gameplay as well as the zany humor offered by the game.

Gameplay: Unlike in other SNES RPGs – Gunple: Gunman’s Proof players pick up guns, projectiles, and bombs which can be used to blow away hoards of invading aliens. During combat the player can shoot in 8 directions, strafe, and duck under enemy attacks. Clear out dungeons, collect treasure, and defeat dungeon bosses.

Fan Translation made possible by the efforts of Gideon Zhi and ZackMan. THANK YOU!


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