Daria Reviews Dark Half [SNES] – NPCs: They’re What’s For DINNER! – Super Nintendo Review

Developed by Westone and published by Enix for the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) in 1996, Dark Half was a horror themed strategy RPG that presented players with two simultaneous opposing storylines. That of Falco, a heroic paladin destined to face the recently-resurrected dark lord. And Rukyu, the NPC-munching dark lord himself.

Gameplay: Not your typical “Final Fantasy” type RPG! Dark Half is a challenging turn based tactical RPG for the Japanese Super Nintendo. Chapters alternate control between Falco, who fights with a band of controllable heroes and Ruyku who summons computer controlled monster allies. Dungeons are heavily puzzle based and the entire game has an element of resource management.

Translated by Aeon Genesis: http://agtp.romhack.net/

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