Daria Reviews Willow [NES] – One of the BEST GAMES based on a Movie | 8-bit Capcom Rreview

Developed by Capcom for the original NES and loosely based on LucusFIlm’s 1988 fantasy epic, Willow is the story of a hobbit-like Nelwyn’s quest to defeat the evil queen Bavmorda. Fans of the film will appreciate the many cameos and references woven throughout an entirely new adventure. Classic and retro gamers alike will appreciate Willow’s simplistic but engaging 2D aesthetic and timeless hack-and-slash combat style. Truly one of the best games of the 1980s.

Gameplay: Willow is a typical action rpg for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, you’ll fight monsters with both swords and magic, explore dungeons, search for equipment, assist NPCs in need, and farm for levels.

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Credits: Sound Production by Robert Diefendorf / Sleep Walking Studio