Daria Reviews FireStriker [SNES] – The Arkanoid/Zelda Love Child | Super Nintendo Review

Developed by Axes Art Amuse for the Super Nintendo and released in 1994, Fire Striker is the unlikely mash-up of a block breaking Arkanoid clone with all the adventuring flair of Zelda. In this SNES action game you control the last of the firestrikers – warriors capable of controlling the all powerful trilight – an all powerful glowing ball which you knock around the stage breaking blocks, enemies, and treasure chests. Unite the four elements and defeat the evil lord-bad-guy-whats-his-name in order to save the kingdom. Truly a must-own title among the hidden gems of the Super NES library.

Firestriker combines the gameplay mechanics of the original Breakout with some light action-adventure elements. You move the blue player around the stage, bouncing the ball off obstacles and into the advancing enemies. The red player, in a single player game, is limited to left and right movements, like the bar in Arknoid. Utilize him to protect the ball from leaving the stage. Firestriker supports up to four players. Two can participate in the quest mode but more can compete in a team soccer match.

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Credits: Sound Production by Robert Diefendorf / Sleep Walking Studio