Daria Reviews Sweet Home [NES] – An Innovative Horror RPG | Famicom Capcom Review

Released in 1989, Sweet Home was developed by Capcom in tangent with Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s own film adaptation. Sweet Home (the Famicom version) is a hybrid of RPG mechanics, adventure puzzle solving, and survival horror themes. Translated in 2000 by Gaijin Productions in collaboration with Suicidal Translations. Sweet Home is usually attributed to being both the grandfather of the survival horror genre as well as the inspiration for the Resident Evil series. A genuinely spooky NES experience – and one of the all time great classics released for the system in any region.

Gameplay: Sweet Home mixes a turn based battle system, with adventure puzzle solving, and survival horror jump scares with great success. Switch control between five players with unique abilities to bypass the many obstacles of Mayima Manor.

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Credits: Sound Production by Robert Diefendorf / Sleep Walking Studio