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UPDATE/CORRECTION! 3:25~ to 4:05~

Secret of Mana does actually have one layer atop another, where both are able to be walked on in Gaia’s Navel. To my knowledge, it’s the only instance of this in the game, and why it wasn’t used more is beyond me, but it does exist.

Thanks EriknocTDW for letting me know!


I recently got around to replaying Secret of Mana, and my experience was far from great. I decided to talk about a few of the things that pissed me off, and how I’d fix them with the hindsight granted to me by time.

It is true. I am a time wizard.

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Games featured in this video in order of appearance:

– Secret of Mana (SNES/iOS/Wii Virtual Console/Possibly others)
– The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES/Wii Virtual Console/Possibly others)
– Magic 2014 (PC and probably scrub-tier consoles. lol who owns a console? losers, that’s who)
– Kiddy Pool (Your backyard)
– Dark Souls 2 (PC/PS3/360/PSDust/XBone)
– The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA/Wii Virtual Console? I’m not fucking Wikipedia.)
– Koudelka (PS1/Steam)
– Dark Souls: Prepare To Die (PC/PS3/360)
– Dark Souls 2 again. Hello. It is me again and I am here in this moment right now being euphoric.
– Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 (SNES)
– Sword of Mana (GBA/PS1)
– Mega Man 2 (NES and a bunch of other shit. Seriously, go check. I’ll wait. Don’t rush on account of me.)

Music used in this video in order of appearance:

Calm Before the Storm/Orphan of Storm/I don’t fucking know – Secret of Mana OST
Phantom and a Rose/Rose and Ghost – Secret of Mana OST
The Colo(u)r of the Summer Sky – Secret of Mana OST
Fear of the Heavens – Secret of Mana OST
Into the Unknown – Secret of Mana OST
Into the Thick of it – Secret of Mana OST
Meridian Dance, Mana Beast – Secret of Mana OST
I Won’t Forget – Secret of Mana OST
What the Forest Taught Me – Secret of Mana OST
Far Thunder – Secret of Mana OST
Happenings on a Moonlight Night – Secret of Mana OST

(I have no idea what the real names of the songs are, but this is what they’re listed as, and they’re all fucking magical.)

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