Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors Review – Card Conveyance – Casposaurus

This time on DRAGON BALL Z! Casposaurus reviews one of his favourite games, which happens to be Legendary Super Warriors for the Game Boy Colour.

Krillin and Yamcha die again, but it’s okay because Tien is still alive, and a bad-arse, buff mother fucker. He will turn your children inside-out with his three-eyed dick, then shit down your throat without you knowing.

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There are a few low-bitrate sections in this video, and it’s due to a weird build of Vegas 12 that rarely renders anything correctly. After two 3-hour rendering sessions, this was the closest to ‘ideal’ as I could get it, and I was not about to wait another 3 hours. Hoping to upgrade to Vegas 13, as some shitty Let’s Player said it was really good.



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Games featured in this video:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3, 360, PS4, XBO, PC)
Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (GBC)
Cookie Clicker (PC)

Music used in this video:

Prologue – Legendary Super Warriors OST
Awakening – Legendary Super Warriors OST
Main Theme – Legendary Super Warriors OST
Let’s Fight – Legendary Super Warriors OST
Solemn Moment – Legendary Super Warriors OST

(I have no idea what the real names of the songs are, but this is what they’re listed as, and they’re all fucking magical.)

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