E.V.O. Search for Eden Review! [SNES] The Game Collection

I can barely believe myself when I tell you that I finally own a copy of E.V.O. Search for Eden for the SNES! It’s a pricey game, but in this EVO review, I’ll be discussing the traits that allowed this game to stand the test of time!

Wow, talk about a game that I never thought I’d ever own, let alone be able to review! EVO was one of those games that I came across a long time ago thanks to the help of emulation and a list of RPGs to check out. What I found wasn’t an RPG as I had been lead to believe, but more like… I don’t know, maybe an Action-Packed Pre-Historic Adventure game? Yeah I’d say that sounds about right.
EVO was developed by Almanic Corp, the company that was also behind Cosmic Carnage and later, Wonder Project J2: an RPG for the Nintendo 64 that sadly was never released in the US. The game was based on a 1990 PC game entitled 46 “Okunen Monogatari ~Harukanaru Eden e~” Or “4.6 Billion Year Story: To Distant Eden”. Fortunately for us, Enix picked up the game and decided to localize it for a US release in 1993.