Wild Arms Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

In this Wild Arms review, SuperDerek examines this classic PlayStation RPG that predated even Final Fantasy VII!

Welcome back to The Game Collection! I am SuperDerek, and today, I’m feeling like a western.
I’m talking about the Wild West, with gunslingers. And what better way to get your fix for the Wild West than with a Japanese RPG set in a medieval science-fiction universe where you fight demons with swords and magic! This is Wild Arms!
Media Vision outdid themselves with their first foray into the world of Role Playing Games. After having just wrapped up work on Rapid Reload, a sci-fi western run and gun, you can see a lot of their influences carry over into the Wild Arms universe. Having come out nearly a year before Final Fantasy VII in Japan, Wild Arms has the distinction of being one of the first RPGs released on the PlayStation.