Halloween Special! Sweet Home Review! [NES] feat. Avalanche Reviews! The Game Collection

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Happy Halloween! Sweet Home is the Survival Horror RPG by Capcom that arguably started the whole Survival Horror scene! For a job this big, SuperDerek teams up with Jared from Avalanche Reviews! Check out this Sweet Home Review!

Remember way back when I was reviewing Breath of Fire? I said something then that, as it turns out, wasn’t entirely true. I said that Breath of Fire was the first RPG developed by Capcom. Sure, Capcom recognizes Breath of Fire as their first traditional RPG, but Capcom is hiding a little secret.
Long ago, Capcom made an RPG so gruesome, so grotesque, and so VILE, that not even Nintendo of America could censor it enough to pass guidelines. A game that was never meant to see the light of day in the west. A game that you could argue, was born dead.