Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter Review! [PS2] The Game Collection

In the conclusion of this 5 part retrospective and review of the Breath of Fire series, SuperDerek takes on the most controversial installment, Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but surely, it wasn’t this. What did I get? Well… what DID I get?
Breath of Fire is a series that has a certain set of recurring themes, and styles. Its home to the best pixel based artwork that I’ve ever seen. Epic stories that are LITERALLY epic. Battle systems that are traditional and turn-based but with innovations that keep it feeling new. Characters that feel like people, with culture and histories of their own. And heroes that move and shape world and can change the direction the world turns.
And what if I told you that Dragon Quarter breaks tradition shared by each game in almost as many ways as there are traditions? That is what I got. That is what we got, in 2003.
Dragon Quarter takes place on a separate timeline according to Capcom Humanity seems to have dug itself into a hole, both literally and metaphorically. In order to escape the desolated world above, humanity fled the surface and now live a kilometer deep into the earth. Society is a technological dystopia governed by an oppressive caste system where people are no better than their potential, determined genetically at birth.