Breath of Fire IV Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

Breath of Fire IV is an amazing game, in this review I weigh it against it’s predecessor. Does Breath of Fire 4 hold up when compared to 3? Find out in this Breath of Fire IV Review!

Breath of Fire 4 was release a few years after Breath of Fire 3. The nature of the game is under some debate as to whether it’s a prequel, or an alternate reality from the other Breath of Fire games. I prefer to think of it as a prequel though, because at least then it provides some answers regarding the origins of the Breath of Fire universe, rather than just feeling like a cop-out.
Regardless of that, Breath of Fire 4 is probably the first game in a while to leave me unsure of how I felt about the game. It’s truly a story of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But really the more accurate way to put it would be 4 steps forward, 3 steps back… or something like that.
The game starts out with a winged princess named, –you guessed it– Nina, accompanied by a friend named Cray. They’re on a hunt for her missing sister, when a dragon damages their sand flier. A few minutes later and Nina stumbles upon Ryu in a crater, they decide to start travelling together, and so begins the new adventure. It sure didn’t take long for them to meet up in this game. Usually there’s some questing to be done first, and Ryu is given some sort of motivation to go on an adventure, but in Breath of Fire IV, Ryu pretty much falls into Nina’s lap, and our main hero’s motivation is never really addressed. I suppose that we can infer that he had the compassion and empathy enough to decide to tag along with Nina and Cray in the search for her sister, but it’s just sort of… assumed.