Breath of Fire II Review! [SNES] The Game Collection

Super Derek Reviews and Analyzes Breath of Fire 2, the second game in a 5 part Breath of Fire retrospective!

Last time I talked about Breath of Fire, a game that needs no introduction. But in case you do, click here to check that video out first. If you don’t have time for that, here’s a quick recap: Breath of Fire marked Capcom’s first entry into the RPG market. It was an RPG for beginners, by beginners. They made some rookie mistakes that were easily forgiven, and fans wanted more. Lucky for us, we got more.
When Breath of Fire was released in the US, the development of Breath of Fire 2 was already well underway, and Capcom, now wiser and more experienced was catching their stride. Capcom learned from their mistakes in Breath of Fire, and somehow, within a year, unleashed upon the world what some consider to be the best entry in the series. But is it?
I am Super Derek, and this is Breath of Fire 2!

Breath of Fire 2 takes place 500 years after the events of Breath of Fire 1, and once again the fate of the world is in peril. Once again a hero from the Dragon Clan must rise to the challenge. And once again, we are invited into the world of Breath of Fire.
There are a lot of similarities and throwbacks to the original Breath of Fire. Some of these similarities, such as the names and clans of our heroes Ryu and Nina became series staples. Names and themes of towns and their locations make a return from the original game, making everything feel very familiar. But the world isn’t just reused from Breath of Fire, it’s been revamped, and feels much more fully fleshed out. In a way, Breath of Fire 2 feels like a love letter from Capcom to the fans of Breath of Fire 1, and it really, really works.