Breath of Fire Review [SNES] The Game Collection

Super Derek returns to an old favorite for the SNES, Breath of Fire! This game is a classic that deserves your time and attention! I tried shooting this video a bit differently this time, and would really appreciate your feedback in the comments!

You could say I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this game for a while. And after playing through Hydlide, I felt like I deserved a little bit of a reward. Breath of Fire was another one of those games I found a long time ago when I was looking to scratch that RPG itch after playing EarthBound. It’s kind of funny. Lufia left me feeling burned, but Breath of Fire was a breath of fresh air.
Before I get into this though I should mention that because I played this game early on, I may be a bit biased in favor of this game because to be honest, the nostalgia factor is in full force, despite my best efforts to remain impartial. But even for those without some history with the franchise, I know that this game will appeal to a lot of you.
Breath of Fire was the first RPG ever developed by Capcom, the company famous for Street Fighter and Mega Man. The game was released for the Super Famicom in April of 1993. Because Capcom hadn’t really dealt much with text-heavy localizations of this magnitude, they handed the game translation and promotion over to none other than SquareSoft.
Due to character limitations of item and character names that couldn’t be overcome, a lot of the text in the game is abbreviated, which can make for some confusing moments. But fortunately this seldom affects gameplay.