Is Hydlide Really That Bad? [NES] The Game Collection

Tons of reviewers including some of my favorites, ProJared and the Angry Video Game Nerd, have ripped this game apart. However, given a little bit of context I have to ask, is Hydlide really that bad?

Thank you to ProJared and AVGN for letting me borrow clips from your reviews.

Welcome back to The Game Collection, I am SuperDerek and today I’m going to do things a little bit differently for lucky episode number 13. Today I’m going to as you a question: Is Hydlide really such a bad game?

“Hydlide.I hate Hydlide. I hate this game so much.”

“Eugh! Hydlide! Just saying the name gives you a gag reflex like you’re about to hurl! Hyyydliiiide, sounds so wretched and foul!”

This game has been ripped apart by not only the Angry Video Game Nerd, not only by ProJared, but by what seems to be the entire game reviewing community at large. So why would I stick my credibility on the line for a game that’s just so unanimously hated? Well, it’s because this game is really significant for reasons that may surprise you. Well we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

I am SuperDerek, and this is Hydlide!

Hydlide is an action RPG for the NES that was released in the US in 1989, This game is actually a precursor to several similar action RPGs such as The Legend of Zelda and Y’s. Due to unfortunate localization timing it was released in the wake of The Legend of Zelda, and as a result is often compared to it’s much more refined cousin.

The story of Hydlide is the basics of basic. In the kingdom of Fairyland, one of the 3 jewels that was holding a demon at bay was stolen by a thief. This allowed a demon, Voralis, to escape his bonds and return to Fairyland, bringing with him and army of monsters with which to terrorize the land. Upon his triumphant return his first act was to abolish the monarchy by splitting the princess into 3 fairies.

That’s when our hero, Jim, finally decides that it’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Unfortunately it becomes immediately evident that Jim, during his time as a knight, must have spent far more time chewing bubblegum than actually kicking ass, as even the lowliest of creatures in Fariyland can easily put an end to his quest.