Crystalis Review! [NES] The Game Collection

Super Derek takes a look at the roots of the Action RPG genre with this Crystalis Review!

Welcome back to The Game Collection, I am SuperDerek and this is my 12th review. And do you know what that


That means it’s time for me to review my most-requested game of all time: Crystalis! That’s right, this game

has been requested literally, a couple of times so I decided “Hey what the heck, I’ll go ahead and move it

forward in the release schedule just for you guys.” So without further ado, I am SuperDerek, and this is


So one of the first things that you’re probably going to notice right off the bat is that this game is for the

Nintendo Entertainment System, making this a review of the oldest game so far on The Game Collection. It’s a

good thing I got that $20 Nintendo back in October. To find out how I pulled that off, check out the link at

the end of this video.

So the backstory of Crystalis is kind of long and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but here’s the abridged

version: Dragan is trying to take over a post-apocalyptic vision of our world. You play as a great magician

from the past who was put into suspended animation for… some reason… and your revival from suspended

animation was the last-ditch effort of 4 wise sages to oppose Dragan and his forces. Unfortunately, you awaken

with a severe case of amnesia, and you can’t even remember your name or any spells.

No matter though, because your job is to go out there and collect the 4 elemental swords created by those 4

wise sages in order to combine them into Crystalis: A sword so powerful, they named the game after it.

Or at least that’s what they named it in the English translation of the game. Probably because “God Slayer” was

just a little too entirely against Nintendo of America’s publishing guidelines of the time. To be more precise,

the game was called “God Slayer: Sonata of the Far Away Sky” which in my opinion was actually a more fitting