Dark Cloud Review! [PlayStation 2] The Game Collection

Join me on this Dark Cloud Review where I dissect the game to see what makes this awesome game tick!

Welcome back to The Game Collection. I am SuperDerek and this is Dark Cloud!

Dark Cloud is awesome! But what would you expect from Level-5 during the era of the PlayStation 2? Everything they touched it seemed turned to gold. Long before Ni No Kuni, Level-5 was turning heads with Dragon Quest VIII, Rogue Galaxy, and of course, Dark Cloud.

Dark Cloud was released for the PlayStation 2 shortly after the console’s launch. It’s an action-RPG that dabbles in resource management and urban development. It’s got many of the usual trappings of an action RPG post Ocarina of Time such as the enemy-targeting system, charged attacks, thrown items, and weapons of different types, but it’s the unexpected things that it brings to the table that help make it stand out from the pack.

The game takes place after a massive attack on the civilizations of the world by the Dark Genie. Over the course of a single night, the world as it was known was essentially annihilated except for a handful of individuals that managed to somehow survive. But during this attack, a sage was at work saving the people of the world and their homes by sealing them in Atla Spheres, and casting them into dangerous dungeons for safe keeping.

This sage then decided to give our hero Toan the atlamalia stone, which is the only thing that can gather the contents of the Atla, and restore them later.

And with that, our hero Toan is off to save the world. Restoring towns and it’s people from nearby dungeons in order to track down and eventually fight the evil, dark… Hold on, this sounds really familiar!