Shenmue Review! [Dreamcast] The Game Collection

Shenmue is the most famous game you never played because it was only released on the Sega Dreamcast, and that’s too bad because Shenmue is awesome!. Watch my Shenmue review, then decide for yourself!

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Shenmue is a game that refuses to be categorized. It does so many things, so well, you could almost consider it a sampler pack of different genres. It’s almost like a life simulator where you explore a town, talk to people, get a job, and interact with the objects that make up the environment! There are even calendar, time, and seasonal weather systems in the game — and this was from back in 2000!

Shenmue started off it’s life as a Virtua Fighter RPG for the Sega Saturn, starring Akira. Gradually the development team moved away from the Virtua Fighter universe, and Akira became Ryo. As a result however, there are still clear design similarities between the two characters, including dominant eyebrows and matching scars on their left cheeks.

Also gradually, it was becoming clear that the Saturn was shaping up to be a commercial flop, so production was halted and later resumed as Shenmue was slated for the Dreamcast.