LandStalker Review! [Genesis] The Game Collection

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Did you know there is an Action-RPG on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive? Find out about it in SuperDerek’s LandStalker Review!

Landstalker, in a word, is really good. Okay so maybe that’s 2 words. But you need at least 2 words to describe the game. I mean you could

also call it very challenging, slightly frustrating, and sadly underappreciated.

It’s an isometric action RPG with heavy platforming and puzzle-solving elements. Climax Entertainment, the games developer, is also famous

for their work in the Shining Force series. Some members left Climax to form Matrix Software, which worked on well loved RPGs such as the

Alundra series and Dragon Quest V for the Nintendo DS.

In Landstalker you play as a blonde forest elf with a sword and a fairy sidekick named Friday. You explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and

discover weapons, magic and armor that help you complete the dungeons. It’s obviously got a lot in common with Zelda games, and that’s

probably not a coincidence. That said, however, the game does have a unique streak to it. Instead of playing as a silent protagonist, you

play as the hero Nigel, who is a deceptively old treasure hunter, who does speak from time to time.