Brain Lord Review! [SNES] The Game Collection

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Super Derek parodies a childhood favorite horror show, “Are You Afraid of the Dark” when he reviews Brain Lord, an Action RPG for the Super Nintendo! Brain Lord is a tough game which has plagued Super Derek’s childhood with nightmares.

Special thanks to SteveHedgerMusic for allowing me to use his piano rendition of a classic childhood song many of us know and love. His channel can be found here:

Dedicated to my big sister, who did her job and traumatized me for life.

Have you ever gotten that creepy feeling that something sinister is watching you? That irrational fear that you

try to dismiss, but for whatever reason keeps nagging you? Have you ever come across someone or some thing that

seems to cause calamity wherever it is? Well what if that something was a game?

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call my story, The Tale of the Brain Lord.

That intro was no joke. I’ve been working on making this intro happen for the last… Four hours, and each time

I come out with video that’s riddled with static, or has creepy audio issues like the sound of wood being

dragged against the side of the wall, it’s really disturbing.

I was going to start off the video by asking if you like mean games, not hard games or bad games, but mean

games. But now I think that the real question for you to answer is, do you like cursed games? I mean, Brain

Lord is a mean game, it kicks you in the shin and pokes you in the eye, it calls you names and for some reason

you still come back for more. But there’s something more sinister about the game than that.

I distinctly remember as a kid, racking up something like a $40 late fee on this game. Don’t ask me why, it’s

not that long of a game… But I think part of me just hated the game so much that I wanted to beat it. The

other part of me hated the game so much I didn’t even want to play it.