Earthbound Review! [SNES] The Game Collection

Earthbound is an amazing RPG for the SNES! Join SuperDerek for his Debut Video featuring a brief retrospective and review of this classic, One of the best JRPGs on the SNES!

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Oh! Hey there dudes and dudettes! I’m playing Earthbound!

It’s hard to talk about Earthbound
I could do the standard thing and review the game, or I could tell you about the history of the game, or I

could try to convince somebody who’s never played the game to give it a shot; The other option would be to just

gush about the game. Even though to you the videos already made I’m making this up as I go along, and have no

idea how it’s going to come out. So, stick around watch the video and let me know how comes out, okay?

It would probably be a good idea for me to start you off with some of the basics: Earthbound is a modern-day

turn-based RPG, developed by HAL Laboratory and APE software. and it was released for the Super Nintendo in the

United States in the year 1995. The game didn’t end up selling particularly well in the United States do a few

factors, including its $70 price tag; That was 40% higher than most going gains of the day.

That would be like a game today costing $85 instead of $60. Some people think that the marketing campaigns

“This Game Stinks” may also have had something to do with the poor sales figures, but given the fact that this

game is marketed towards kids in the ’90s, I seriously doubt that would be a deterrent.

Even though the game didn’t sell particularly well upon its release, it’s developed quite a strong cult

following. however, Nintendo seems nonplused by that turn of events, and has a really shown Earthbound fans

much love ever since the game was released. the history between Earthbound fans and Nintendo, has been a bit of

a sad love story, full of its ups, and downs. In the end, there is a really anyone to blame for this sad


They have a yet released Earthbound’s successor, nor it’s predecessor in the United States, despite massive

petitions with over 30,000 signatures. So that’s kind of the short version of Earthbound’s very long history.
But that’s not really enough to understand Earthbound, and what it is, and why it’s got such a strong cult-


I mean, people get really emotionally charged when they talk about this game, right? So I’ll try to explain

that to you next. Earthbound isn’t “just a game” to a lot of people, I’ll speak personally here for a moment,

when I say that, to me, Earthbound was an experience. It was one of the very few games that i’ve actually

gotten really emotionally attached to.

It’s a very personal game, to me, and it’s also one of the greatest coming of age stories ever told in a video

game. At the beginning of the game, it asks you to name all of your characters, asks you your favorite food,

what your favorite thing is… All of these things played really minor roles throughout the game, but it’s

these little touches that make the characters really easy to relate to.

The characters in the game suffer from status effects that you can easily identify with, like being nauseous,

or getting a cold, or having your eyes so watery to the point where you can see straight. I mean, Ness, the

main character, develops homesickness and has to call his mom just to feel better, You see, Ness is also a kid

growing up in the ’90s.

That’s right:
Earthbound takes place in the year 199X. The towns that Ness walks around in and then travels between are towns

that you or I could have grown up in. Instead of swinging a sword in some, forgotten medieval era, Ness swings

a baseball bat. Instead of fighting monsters, Ness fights new-age retro hippies, or frenzied wildlife.